A half-day workshop will provide you and your team with the information, awareness, and tools to function more productively.


This fun, interactive workshop is the starting place for teams using the MBTI® instrument for the first time. Rachel Wainer Consulting uses the MBTI® assessment tool to enhance team member's clarity and comfort with their own work styles, as well as increase understanding of their co-workers and clients. The MBTI® instrument gives organizations a logical structure to deal more effectively with organizational concerns such as:

  • communication style
  • teamwork
  • project management
  • time management
  • preferred supervision style and environment
  • responses and needs during organizational change
  • preferred learning styles
  • approaches to problem solving

In all these areas, the positive and affirming nature of the MBTI®  tool encourages self-disclosure and respect for differences. With greater understanding and respect for each individual's unique personality and communication styles, team members can modify their work habits to become more aligned and productive. 

Team members complete the MBTI® instrument online prior to the workshop at their convenience. Each participant will receive a descriptive analysis of their personality type as part of the workshop, as well as an Introduction to Type booklet for continued learning. Engaging activities allow team members to experience personality differences, and illuminate how those differences impact productivity. Throughout the workshop teams identify ways to immediately apply their new awareness and skills to their work.

At the conclusion of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand their unique personal preferences: where they get their energy, how they take in information, how they make decisions, and how they deal with the outer world.
  • Recognize how their personality preferences, and those of their teammates, influence work styles. 
  • Identify ways to minimize collisions caused by differences in personality preferences.
It was such a meaningful workshop for my team. People who are usually uncomfortable participating were active and engaged and it gave us a really great framework to talk through challenges together. Thank you for a wonderful day.
— Rachel Kaplowitz, CEO Honey.is

A trusted instrument for over half a century, the MBTI® is the most widely-used psychological instrument for assessing personal preferences.